Acne can be an embarrassing, difficult, and sometimes a lifelong problem. Many people only struggle with acne during adolescence—but for others, it is a recurring issue that continues to take a toll into adulthood.

There are many different solutions on the market for acne treatments. From drug-store bought daily topical solutions to much-criticized prescription medications, everyone seems to know what is best when it comes to treating adult acne.

The common Acne Solution 

One of the most common acne prescription medications, Accutane, is extremely effective but works by drying out oil-producing cells over the surface of the entire body, causing numerous skin problems.

It has also been criticized for its risks of causing birth defects. Women taking Accutane are required to take regular pregnancy tests to ensure they are not pregnant throughout the course of their treatment.

Surely there must be a better way, right?

Best Acne Solution around

At Bellevue MediSpa, there most definitely is. Rather than loading their clients down with ineffective and endless topical creams or potentially dangerous prescription drugs, they do acne treatment the right way in Nashville with specialized, hyper-targeted, and completely safe laser technology.

Acne Laser Treatments

The vast majority of their acne patients are treated with their Aura 532KTP laser, which penetrates the skin and allows for oxygen molecules to take up residence in the pores where acne, oil, and dirt once was.

Those molecules fight bacteria and help to keep acne from returning by keeping the skin open and free. Patients are treated over the course of four weeks, with treatments occurring twice a week.

They generally see a 90-95% reduction in acne during that time. Their laser treatments for acne are extraordinarily effective without posing significant health risks, drying out the skin over the entire body, or sentencing patients to a long-term topical cream they are bound to apply every day with little-to-no tangible results.

Stubborn Acne? No Problem

For those with deeper and harder-to-treat acne, they are able to use their Lyra laser, which penetrates the skin even deeper and helps eradicate acne from the lowest levels all the way up to the surface.

For aftercare, they do offer a variety of topical creams and lotions that can be used in conjunction with laser treatment, but those who come for laser acne treatment will never again be shackled to daily topical acne ointments for the rest of their lives.

Have you tried everything on the market? Are you sick of products that do not work and promises that cannot be fulfilled? Call Bellevue MediSpa today to talk to one of their acne remediation specialists. They can help you create a plan to treat your acne once and for all—effectively, safely, and conveniently.

Give them a call at (615) 662-1220, or visit their website at www.bellevuemedispa.com for more information.