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Nashville Laser Hair Removal | Services

We offer a wide range of services in or near Nashville, TN. Below We have listed our largest categories. Choose a category to learn more about the specific treatment we offer in each range.

Laser Hair Removal

I will confess. Our team at Bellevue Medispa will treat you like family right when you walk through those doors.

We love Nashville laser hair removal and we think you will love it too. Interested in just one part of your body or multiple?

No problem our team of award-winning laser experts will help you get rid of that unwanted hair fast.

“But I like my Hairy legs,” Said no one ever. We have the quickest and best results for laser hair removal in all of Nashville.

We can remove hair completely in as little as 5 treatments.

I know that unwanted hair is annoying to deal with. Shaving is annoying, waxing hurts and isn’t permanent.

So what can we do?

Get Laser hair removal, but not just from anyone. Get it from the experts that have been serving Nashville for the past 10 years.

Bellevue Medispa will not only help you feel your best, but we will make sure you feel like family right when you walk through our doors.

Nashville Laser hair removal prices

You might be thinking this is great and all but what does it cost to get laser hair removal?

Nashville laser hair removal cost is different based on each clinic. Lucky for you Bellevue Medispa has the best and most competitive prices in and around Nashville.

Usually, clinics around Nashville charge around $400 per session of laser hair removal. That’s crazy we cut that price in half and then some and we offer better results.

Contact us today for a free consultation and price break down.

Why We Are The Best Laser Hair Removal In Nashville?

Our Laser hair removal services not only provide lasting results but they are affordable.

Okay, this sounds good and all but where are the results?

With almost 500 5 star reviews our services exceed people’s expectation. Go take a look and see why more people choose Bellevue Medispa for laser hair removal than anyone else.

We are the best laser hair removal in Nashville because we are from Nashville. We are a locally owned business with only 1 location.

You can go to a chain that provides basic laser hair removal, with bad employees and huge markups on pricing.

Or you can choose the locally trusted laser hair removal experts from Bellevue Medispa.

Over 80% of the world’s population is shaving, plucking or waxing. Attempting to consistently remove hair from their bodies. Nashville Laser hair removal can be a permanent solution to rid yourself of unwanted hair!

Laser Hair Removal destroys hair follicles, leaving you with silky smooth skin after just a couple of our laser treatments.

If you’re looking for just a simple Bikini line or underarm laser hair treatment - take advantage of our Nashville, TN Laser Hair Removal location and find that permanent solution you’ve been waiting for.

Do you want to see lifetime results? At Bellevue Medispa we can guarantee that we can get rid of that unwanted hair in as little as 5 sessions. Leave it to our Nashville Laser Experts to get the job done quickly and effectively.

Laser hair removal in Nashville is for anybody looking to get rid of hair in the safest and effective way possible. Laser hair removal has proven to be better than waxing and shaving simply because it reduces hair growth. Shaving and Waxing may be a short term remedy, but the truth of the matter is your hair will continue to grow back thicker and stronger than before.

Laser hair removal, however, stops hair growth at the source and leads to softer more smoother skin. We have many different services and packages at Bellevue Medispa.


Nashville Botox reduces the activity of the muscles that cause wrinkles such as frown lines, worry lines, and crow’s feet. Botox works by temporarily blocking the signals from the nerves to the muscles, thereby reducing muscle movement and causing wrinkles to relax and soften. Our Nashville Botox team has over 20 years of local Botox experience!

With all this experience comes knowledge. We have worked in the beauty field for years and know that tips and tricks that make you look and feel better. Our local botox team in Nashville will help you be your best you.

Wrinkles are a problem everyone has to deal when it comes to aging, but what if we could minimize or take away those wrinkles? Luckily we can. Our botox services are made to reduce wrinkles and make you feel like a new you. Botox has proven time and time again to outperform any other produce, surgery or therapeutic on the market.

Botox is becoming bigger and bigger as it gets more popular, and it should. This procudure has helped millions of people look and feel better thoughout the years.

It is also used to lift areas of the face and extend the life of some dermal filler applications. Results from our Nashville Botox are typically visible within 3-5 days and last for 3-6 months. Our Botox can be used alone or in conjunction with other treatments.

Visit our Bellevue Botox location for a free consultation!

Laser Facial Treatments

Aura Laser will remove facial veins, rosacea, birthmarks, sun damage, acne, age spots, the appearance of scars, and helps to return your skin to its natural skin tone. This facial laser focuses on the pigment in the targeted tissue and gently dehydrates it.

Our Laser Facial treatments will ensure that you get rid of any unwanted facial hair, lip, or chin hair. Unlike shaving and waxing our laser hair removal services will keep that unwanted hair out!

Our Team At BMS can get rid of that unwanted lip, cheek or chin hair. Shaving doesn’t solve the problem it just postpones it. We are all aware of this, yet most of us don’t take action. Why is this? Maybe because most laser hair removal clinics are overpriced and pretentious.

At Bellevue Medispa we believe in giving quality laser hair removal at the most affordable prices. Come visit our Nashville, TN office today for a free consultation.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are used in a variety of ways to lift features of the face, correct wrinkles and to restore smoothness and volume to the skin. The effects of most fillers are nearly instantaneous. Most of the dermal fillers last from several months to a year or two before touch up treatments are necessary to extend results.

Both Botox and advanced Dermal Fillers are effective treatments for creating healthier and younger looking skin. Schedule a free consultation & visit our location in Nashville, TN to learn more about our Nashville, TN Derma Fillers.


Fighting acne, sunspots or aging skin is something we all battle but it’s not a battle we fight alone. Microdermabrasion in Bellevue TN is an affordable, non invasive option to control or lessen acne outbreaks and remove old and outer layers of skin.

This reveals softer, younger looking skin that lessens the visible signs of sun damage, smooths out crows feet around the eyes, lessens feathering around the lips and reduces forehead creases. Get a free consultation.

Our Service Area

Proudly serving Nashville, TN! If you are in or near Nashville and need local Nashville, Laser hair removal, Botox, Derma Filler or Microdermabrasion stop by today for a free consultation! We are conveniently located in Nashville, TN just off I-40, Bellevue Medispa is here to service all your Laser Hair Removal, Laser Facial Treatment, Laser Vein Treatment, Microdermabrasion, scaring and stretch mark treatment, Botox, professional teeth whitening and spray tan needs.

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