There are no hidden secrets for a perfect smile. Your dental health is a basic condition for you to have a flawless smile.  And then, of course, there is Nashville Teeth Whitening. Get that whiter and brighter smile that will impress everyone and will make you feel better.  A smile is beautiful, healthy and full of confidence when showing beautiful white teeth.  Here are the necessary 15 steps to getting beautiful white teeth.

1. Preventing Teeth Stains

Besides white or yellowish white, any other color is considered abnormal for a tooth. But, maintaining pearly white teeth is no easy task, since are so many things that can affect the color of your teeth. Some of those things can be prevented, but some are beyond your control.  This is where you may choose Nashville Teeth Whitening.

A tooth consists of enamel - the hard and outermost layer of teeth, dentin - the inner structure of the tooth, and on the interior of cementum and pulp tissue. The stains can easily affect the surface of the enamel but also can be easily removed. Usually, those stains are caused by smoking, drinking coffees or dark-colored beverages, eating acidic foods or having an inadequate dental cleaning that leads to a buildup of plaque on teeth.

The stains that occur on dentin are more difficult to remove since are underneath the outer enamel layer. They can be caused by some medications, radiation, and chemotherapy or excessive amounts of fluoride Besides stains, some other causes can influence the teeth color and that include illness, genetics, injuries or age. Knowing the causes of teeth stains or unwanted color gives us the possibility to take preventive measures.

The best prevention is to respect good dental hygiene. Meanwhile, also should pay attention to what you drink or eat and avoid smoking. Besides, get your teeth cleaned regularly by a dental professional. Whenever necessary, consult a dentist or go to Nashville Teeth Whitening to perform one of the treatments which could lead to a bright white smile.

2. Foods That Clean Teeth

We hear quite often about foods that are good for teeth foods that are bad for teeth. But, what about foods that clean your teeth? Here are some examples of foods that can play a part in maintaining naturally clean teeth.  And keep in mind that if these don’t seem to be enough, you can obtain visible benefits from Nashville Teeth Whitening.

Celery- while chewing it will produce plenty of salivae and neutralize bacteria, the fibrous cellulose will act as a natural toothbrush. Therefore, the process will get your gums massaged and your teeth cleaned. Carrot- the crunchy, raw carrot will act as a natural toothbrush. Meantime, its vitamin A and plaque-attacking keratin will strengthen the tooth enamel.


Apple- the harmful acids in the mouth will be neutralized by the natural sugars contained within apples. Also, chewing it stimulates saliva production and the fibers in it will act as a natural toothbrush. Strawberry- the malic acid contained by these fruits is a good natural whitener for enamel. Consequently, eating strawberries will actually help keep your teeth free of stains.

Pineapple- is even included in tooth whitening toothpaste for its bromelain, an enzyme that has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Leafy greens- Kale and spinach contain fibers that, while you eat, can scrub away food debris and plaque. Basil- raw basil properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria, like a natural antibiotic so it can be used in cavity prevention. Chewing gum- It is not necessarily a food, but if it’s sugar-free, is indeed good for your teeth. Chewing it speeds up saliva production and rinse away harmful acids.

3. Foods That Stain Teeth

Some foods help preserve teeth, while others have harmful effects on it. Usually, dental problems occur when the enamel comes into contact with ingested sugars. This starts a reaction that allows acids to attack teeth. It sounds dangerous, but don’t worry, you can get rid of those stains, at Nashville Teeth Whitening. Because of a low pH, vinegar and pickles seem to be really dangerous for enamel.

Neither fruit jam, mustard, mayonnaise nor ketchup are the right choices for your teeth. These products pH is between 3.0 and 4.0 while saliva’s normal pH is usually between 6.4 and 7.5. On a scale from 0 to 14, 7.0 is considered to be a neutral pH. Also, due to a very low pH, lemons are considered the most damaging fruit for your teeth.

They are followed by apples, oranges, and grapefruit, due to their strong acidity are eroding the enamel. Artificial food dyes are chromogens that can stain your teeth the colors of the dyes themselves or even weaken enamel. Candies, popsicles, and slushies commonly have these kinds of food dyes. Therefore, it would be better to be avoided. Curry- The intense color of this spice will stain the teeth and is notorious for this. Beets.

Their power to stain is well known and is particularly potent in juice form. Blueberries, cherries, raspberries, pomegranates. Their dark-colored skins stain teeth. Soya sauce or balsamic vinegar. Due to their intense color, can produce the same stain effects as any other dark liquids.  

4. Drinks That Stain Teeth 

Black coffee- This one is, unfortunately, both tannic and very acidic. For this reason, there is no doubt that it will stain your teeth. Tea- Has many tannins as well as natural colorants. The more so as they are more dark-colored. Red wine- has a lot of tannins and, as the white wine is very acidic.

Dark colored beverages, including diet soda, can stain teeth because of the chromogens but also because of the citric acids and the sweeteners. Fruit juices. Dark color and acids are the elements that can put a stain on the teeth. Alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol itself is harmful on teeth and can increase the predisposition towards caries formation.    If stains caused by drinks are your problem, then Nashville Teeth Whitening is exactly what you need.

5. Flossing 

Flossing is an important part of a healthy smile. Without flossing, you are not able to remove dental plaque buildup and cavities are more likely to form between your teeth.  Proper flossing is meant to be done at least once a day, preferably before you go to bed. There are various types of floss. For instance, nylon floss, waxed or not-waxed floss, single filament floss.


Between teeth with tight contact points, some products can tear or shred but there are also products that are shred resistant.   When used properly, any types of floss is working perfectly removing the superficial plaque or debris. For a deeper cleansing of your teeth go to Nashville Teeth Whitening.

6. Brushing

  Any healthy oral hygiene routine includes brushing your teeth at least twice a day. It helps to fight bacteria and remove plaque that causes gum disease and tooth decay. Chose a toothbrush with a shape and size that fit. A small-headed brush will reach better all areas of the mouth.

Also, a soft-bristled brush is recommended for removing plaque and debris from your teeth.  Replace it whenever necessary, no later than 3-4 months. A powered toothbrush is always a good alternative.  Knowing your oral needs are, is a key factor in having a good oral hygiene routine. Ask your dentist about it.  Also, take advantage of the perfect services of Nashville Teeth Whitening whenever you feel that you need it.

7. Brush Your Teeth With Baking Soda

Most dental cleaning products have baking soda listed as one of their ingredients. It’s well known that it leaves the teeth super clean well as that it whitens your teeth to a beautiful natural shade.  Baking soda is a bit abrasive, so it helps to get rid of any surface stains.

Hence the benefits are effortless to see, is also important to know that maybe some side effects also. Enamel erosion may appear and also sensitivity issues for both the teeth and the gums. With this in mind, use it appropriately in order to get the best results and enjoy the benefits.  Check with your dentist if it’s ok in your case to use baking soda   

8. Use Apple Cider Vinegar

First of all, apple cider vinegar, like any other vinegar, is very acidic. Has an immediate effect on stubborn stains, but it should not be used undiluted or too often, as it can break down the tooth enamel.  So, use it only diluted with water and rinse your mouth with water. Do not swish the vinegar around in your mouth.

Furthermore, do not brush your teeth immediately after because they may be temporarily softened by the acid from the apple cider vinegar. Check with your dentist if it’s ok for you to use apple cider vinegar. It is a good idea to use Nashville Teeth Whitening services and you will no longer need to use any vinegar on your teeth.

9. Do Fruits And Vegetables Make Your Teeth Whiter? 

If we think of fruits and vegetables in terms of teeth whitening, we have to understand that this can happen mostly by chewing and saliva production. First of all, the fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber and that’s why require a lot of chewing. During this process, they rub against the surface of your teeth and act as a toothbrush. It will help to get rid of stains and this way may brighten your smile.

You should always keep in mind that any food or drink that would leave a stain on a shirt can also leave a stain on your teeth. Therefore, is indicated to avoid any dark colored ones. Second, chewing on fruits and vegetables increases saliva production. For this reason, it can help to rinse off and neutralize the acids which are harmful to tooth enamel.       

10. Brush With Charcoal 

One of the popular topics regarding teeth whitening is the use of activated charcoal. This age-old material with various uses has a chemical composition that makes it a useful substance in a variety of situations. Therefore, due to its unique properties, activated charcoal has many medicinal uses and healing properties.  Activated charcoal is effective in absorbing plaque and other compounds that stain teeth.

By its chemical properties, activated charcoal is a natural teeth whitener.  After a few uses, the teeth get noticeably whiter.  At your next appointment, ask your dentist about brushing with charcoal.  

 11. Brush After Drinking Coffee

  Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the globe. Although has a lot of beneficial effects on your health, it can also stain our teeth and weaken the enamel on the surface due to its acidic composition. It can take about 30 minutes after drinking coffee for the effect to wear off.


You can shorten this period by rinsing your mouth with water. Anyway, is not advisable to brush immediately after drinking coffee.  The specialists from Nashville Teeth Whitening can also guide you on this matter.   

12. Use Mouthwash To Clean Your Teeth 

The mouthwash freshens the breath and, fluoride mouthwashes, also help strengthen your teeth and prevent cavities. That’s why, usually in dental hygiene is indicated that the mouthwash should be used last, after the brushing and flossing.

By using mouthwash one can benefits of a number of benefits like additional fluoride which helps to strengthen and protect your teeth, antibacterial effects since it reduces bacterial loads in the oral cavity and breath deodorization. It is indicated to not drink or eat for 30 minutes after using the fluoride mouthwash, in order to take advantage of all these benefits.  To know for sure which oral care products will be most effective for you to ask your dentist about it.   

13. Drink Less Coffee

  Since coffee is responsible for stains on our teeth, one way to reduce this risk is to reduce coffee consumption. For sure that’s easier to say than done. But let’s make it clear that it’s about reducing the frequency with which we drink coffee, not necessarily the quantity.

Considering that after you consume coffee, the acidity in the mouth is increased for almost half an hour. Think now what happens if we sip from coffee from time to time, during all morning.   

14. Take Care Of Your Hygiene

   Personal hygiene is about basic life skill and there is no philosophy in that. Good hygiene will keep bacteria, viruses, and illnesses. Daily hygiene routine includes dental hygiene too, and a clean mouth and clean teeth give you a nice smile and fresh breath.

All that has a major contribution at one’s personal appearance.  Also, a major contribution can have Nashville Teeth Whitening   

15. Get Your Teeth Whitened By A Medispa 

There are many ways of getting beautiful white teeth. And, of course, you can try some procedures at home too.  But let’s face it, always the results are perfect only if teeth whitening is done by professionals.   

A medispa, as you probably already figured out, is a spa operated by health care professionals.  Advanced medical treatments extraordinarily combined with medical beauty procedures are performed for your wellbeing.

In a Medispa, there are usually a variety of services provided.    So, yes, get your teeth whitened by a medispa.  Nashville Teeth Whitening is exactly what you need to transform your gorgeous smile in the most spectacular accessory.  And then, wear it proudly and prepare to laugh more so that your smile can be appreciated!

How You Can Get Whiter Teeth Fast

If you have ever had teeth whitening in Nashville, either professionally or at home, you know that there are a huge variety of options available for you.

However, if you have experienced increased tooth pain or sensitivity upon attempts to whiten your teeth with traditional methods, you also know that your options are drastically limited.

If you have ever had teeth whitening in Nashville, either professionally or at home, you know that there are a huge variety of options available to you.

However, if you have experienced increased tooth pain or sensitivity upon attempts to whiten your teeth with traditional methods, you also know that your options are drastically limited. Conventional teeth-whitening in Nashville, TN are highly acidic and thus known to contribute to more frequent tooth pain and sensitivity.


Nashville Teeth Whitening experts

So what is a person to do? Fortunately, Bellevue MediSpa is pleased to offer a program rated America’s #1 teeth-whitening system: Spa White! This is a treatment that provides instant results, making your teeth whole shades whiter in a way that is perfectly safe for your existing enamel.

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There is little to no risk of tooth sensitivity because it is pH neutral. It is even safe for those with veneers or crowns!

SpaWhite is an all-in-one whitening gel formula that is painted directly onto the teeth. This application is combined with a special Spa White cool blue light that activates the gel and whitens your teeth safely and effectively.

Best Nashville Teeth Whitening Company

With no pain and treatment time of under an hour, there is no reason not to choose Bellevue Medispa for your teeth whitening in Nashville needs!

Many people can achieve their goals have in one treatment, but multiple treatments are an option depending on the initial shade of your teeth and the goal shade you have in mind.

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Bellevue MediSpa chose this teeth-whitening service because they were intrigued by the low-to-no sensitivity promise of the breakthrough technology.

They have been disappointed with pain levels from other whitening methods, but the moment they tried Spa White, they knew it was the real deal. They immediately set out to become trained and certified by the Spa White Company and are now proud to be able to offer it to their clients!

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Teeth Whitening Services

Teeth whitening services can run up to $500 per treatment at other medical spas and providers but at Bellevue Medispa, we are currently offering a special on for teeth whitening in Nashville at just $149 per treatment.

There is no hassle and no recovery time all you have to do is brush and floss before you come in. All of their clients have been blown away by the amazing results and absence of tooth pain and sensitivity.

BellevueMediSpa loves helping people achieve a smile they can be confident in, and they are proud to be able to use Spa White to do it!

For more information about their teeth-whitening technology or to talk to a technician about scheduling your first treatment, call Bellevue MediSpa today at (615) 662-1220, or visit their website at www.bellevuemedispa.com to learn more.