Is it just me, or has this summer flown by? I can scarcely believe it’s October. It feels like the kids just got out of school, and now they’re almost ready to head back! As much as I love this time of year, the concerts, picnics and walks on the beach, it can be hard on my skin. I burn easily, and I worry about sun damage causing my skin to age prematurely.

Luckily, I have the best Nashville skin care team on my side in the providers at Dr. J. J. Wendel Plastic Surgery. Dr. Wendel’s office is my go-to for medical aesthetics and skin care recommendations. I may not be a candidate for surgery yet, but they help me with preventative treatments and maintenance, and they help my skin glow. That, in turn, boosts my confidence. Taking good care of myself also helps me to relax and manage stress from my demanding job and life on the go.

In consultations and conversations with LoriPaigeTalor and Emily, I’ve learned about non-surgical procedures that I consider to be the basics, since they’re a) super popular, and b) suitable for most people at some point in their skin care journey. And I’ve certainly reaped the rewards for having tried them! For example, I now get Botox injections regularly to keep wrinkles from deepening, I wear sunscreen religiously and use a retinoid to protect and renew my skin.

I’ve had no issues with dryness or breakouts this summer at all thanks to the combination of derma-planing and Dr. Wendel’s Koji Pads, both of which exfoliate and refresh my skin. Koji Pads, by the way, are my all-time favorite way to achieve a healthy glow! They also keep my melasma at bay, and can be used daily on the entire body. Gone are the blotchy marks from too many long Sundays by the pool! For an even smoother and more polished profile, try Revision Skincare’s purifying Black Mask weekly, and CO2 Lift Mask monthly (or before any special occasion).

I’ve also started using a derma roller at home between my PRP microneedling appointments. Microneedling is a safe, quick, non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that uses tiny needles to improve scarred, sun damaged or aging skin, as well as other skin conditions such as hyperpigmentation. It forces the body to produce collagen, and, as a result, I have noticed a visible difference in the suppleness of my skin. It bounces back like it did when I was a kid!

Dr. Wendel’s office carries the best skin care products on the market. Of course, skin care basics like moisturizer and sunscreen can be found anywhere. But Dr. Wendel’s office stocks exclusive medical-grade skin care with SPF, hydrating and rejuvenating properties. It’s tough to beat a trio like SkinMedica’s HA5 Rejuvenating HydratorTNS Essential Serum, and Total Defense + Repair Broad Spectrum Sunscreen. Together, these powerhouses can really remake a complexion.

This August, check in with Nashville’s skin care experts at Dr. J. J. Wendel’s office. They’ll teach you the basics of beautiful skin so you can look and feel refreshed and restored.