Laser-hair-removal can be a better solution for people who do not like or aren’t happy with tweezing, waxing or even shaving to get rid-off unwanted hair. It is among the most commonly used cosmetic procedure in the United States, It entails using beam highly-concentrated light in the hair follicles. In which, the follicles’ pigment then absorbs the light and in-turn destroys the hair.

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How long Can Laser treatment last? Is it permanent?

You might be wondering how this whole procedure works and if it is really worth it? We will discuss more on this topic later, but as for now, let’s look at how long can Laser treatment last?

Basically, Laser Hair-Removal works by simply heating your hair follicles in order to stop your new-hair from developing or growing. In response, it puts your hair follicles inactive for a long duration of time than shaving or even waxing.

It is normally time-consuming, tiresome and irritating to always shave or wax yourself to eliminate unwanted hair after a short duration of time. With Laser treatment, you’ll experience a quick, smooth and hassle-free procedure that often leaves your skin looking young and beautiful as always for a long time.

Apparently, the procedure is always presumed by many people to remove hair permanently but laser treatment is only meant to reduce the number thus, of unwanted hairs that is, in a specific area. However, it doesn’t get rid of your unwanted hairs completely. But when your hair grows back again, they will be lighter, finer as well as fewer in numbers.

How It Works?

First, let’s start by saying; hair follicles are responsible for the production of new strands of hair. Therefore, to clear out your unwanted hair, we will use Laser therapy. It involves using high-heat laser beams that is, a mild form of radiation. Hence, during the process, the aforementioned laser beams heats-up and damage the hair follicles. Normally, the hair follicles are located below or underneath your skin and if they are destroyed, your hair production will be temporarily disabled. If you compare this procedure with tweezing, waxing and shaving, it is very effective and efficient. With these three shaving methods, the hair is only removed above the surface hence; they do not target production of hair from the follicles. To sum it all, Laser treatment is a long-term solution for removing unwanted hair from your body.

Body areas appropriate for Laser-Hair-treatment:

  • Back
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Shoulder
  • Face
  • Bikini line

On instances, your unwanted hair will shed off but some of your hairs though rarely might remain and shed off later but within just a few days that is, of your 1st treatment session. Laser treatment is a quick process for removing unnecessary hair such that in smaller areas like your upper lips will only take few minutes while larger areas such as the chest and back might take like an hour or even longer. We provide high quality and excellent services as we have professionals in this area to handle you with care during and after the procedure. Before we start the procedure, our dermatologist will have to conduct some test to ensure that there are no complications during as well as after the procedure. Remember that, to get the best result on your laser hair removal, it is advisable to undergo multiple or several treatment sessions. We are here to offer and provide all the services you need. Normally, after the treatment, your hairs will fall-out thus, within 10-14 days that is, on average after two weeks.
Generally, laser treatment is used to eliminate unwanted-hair from your legs, face, arms, bikini line, underarms as well as other areas of the body. However, it benefits includes: Faster: On instances, each laser pulse takes just few seconds and can be used to treat many hair at ago. Precision: Removing your unwanted-hair using laser procedure is much safer than other methods used for hair removal as the laser can selectively sight-out dark as well as coarse hairs as it leaves the surrounding skin undamaged and safe. Positive: long-term result and Predictability: On many occasions, many clients have reported permanent hair-loss that is, after an average of 3-7 sessions of laser treatment.

Before the procedure, we do:

  • Review the client’s medical history such as; medication use, past hair-removal procedure

and history of the client’s skin disorder or even scarring,

  • Discuss risks, benefits as well as expectations of the procedure including what the

procedure can as well as can’t do for you.

  • Take Photos to-be-used that is, before & after assessment as well as for

long-term reviews.

We also discuss a treatment-plan with our clients during the consultation and related costs involved to get you prepared on what Laser-Hair Removal entails.

Get Best Results for Laser-Hair-treatment with Nashville, TN To get the best results with little-to-no side effects, Nashville, TN recommends that clients should:

Avoid sun exposure at-least 2 weeks that is, before treatment.

Avoid blood-thinning medications.

Stop tweezing and waxing on the targeted-area roughly 4 weeks before your Laser-Hair

removal appointment

Refrain from using self-tanning lotions to enable your skin to be light and natural as


The Cost of Laser treatment :

Nashville, TN is well equipped with high technology machines and equipment to provide an effective and efficient procedure for the best result for any client. However, the cost of laser procedure normally depends on various factors thus, there is no fixed charge for the treatment.

These factors include:

  • The number of areas to be treated
  • The size of the area to be treated (small or bigger area).
  • The amount of time taken to treat the target area.


Verdict Hairs tends to fall off after a period of days-to-weeks though, they don’t get off immediately. To experience the best result, a repeated treatment is recommended. However, the results normally vary significantly and often are hard to predict

Most people experience hair-removal that lasts up to several months while others, might go for even years. But apparently, laser-hair removal does not guarantee you a permanent hair removal but a long-term solution for hair removal as it slow your hair growth for a longer duration of time. When your hair grows up again, it will be finer, thinner as well as lighter in color.